Salt Harbor’s Wedding Planners have over 30 years of combined event planning experience and offer distinctive styling and expert coordination services. Offering partial and full planning, design, floral, and paper services throughout Wilmington, NC, Figure Eight Island, Bald Head Island, Wrightsville Beach and surrounding areas.
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We should protect and preserve the things we find important, and our gatherings should be no different.


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While design and flowers have always been at the forefront of what we do, we understand that coordination is absolutely essential to our mission. Without it, even the most meaningful details and beautiful centerpieces are overlooked by guests who do not know where to go or what to do. While most designers are not planners at heart, we know we must collaborate with those who are. So we added planners to our team–the amazing people who will make sure guests know where to go, who will ensure mom has a tissue tucked away at the ceremony and dad has his favorite cocktail at the reception. We have learned over the years that our planners contribute as much to the story as our designers. Above all else, they have the incredible opportunity to free our clients and their families to experience the event fully without the distraction of coordinating details and timelines. Our planning packages range from day-of services to full-coordination and vary in price based on the services needed.

What this includes

  • Accommodation and Transportation Coordination
  • Vendor Selection and Coordination
  • Band Coordination
  • Music Selection Assistance
  • Event Timeline
  • Food Selection Assistance
  • Ceremony & Reception Direction
  • Budget Assistance
  • Venue Management and Coordination
  • Payment Coordination
  • & More


Express yourself and your business through this amazing theme

Life is a story, and a great design has the ability (we would argue the obligation) to tell a story. It is the reason we love what we do. Every project we undertake is an opportunity to tell a story. We love our clients! They capture our imaginations and push us to develop new concepts. We believe design is a series of meaningful details that, together, create a purposeful setting. With each event we strive to make guests feel welcome and important, communicate a narrative, and manifest an experience that is as unique as our clients. As event designers, this is our passion and our mission.

What this includes

  • Color and Concept Consulting
  • Floor Plans
  • Graphic and Paper Design
  • Logo Generation
  • Invitation and Save the Date Design
  • Tabletop Design
  • Rental Selection and Management
  • Lighting Design and Management
  • Food and Beverage Display
  • Cohesive Design Plan
  • Installation and Removal
  • & More


Express yourself and your business through this amazing theme

Salt Harbor was founded on flowers. Jennifer began working in floral shops as a teenager, always looking beyond what could be purchased from vendors to what was growing around buildings and climbing along fences. She created Salt Harbor first as a floral design company, pouring into it a love of nature and a fascination with materials that were native to a landscape. While Salt Harbor has grown to encompass full event design, flowers continue to play a fundamental role in everything we do. We are explorers–searching the woods for interesting textures, incorporating local foliage, and always striving to create design that is authentic and natural.

What this includes

  • Bouquets
  • Boutonnieres
  • Corsages
  • Centerpieces
  • Ceremony Flowers
  • Floral Installations
  • & More


Express yourself and your business through this amazing theme

We know marketing can make all the difference in business, and great photographs can only do so much if the content is lacking.  Salt Harbor Designs is available for concept consulting and commercial styling. We have worked with many companies over the years to style promotional shoots. We are available for interior styling, floral design, spatial design, model styling, food styling, and more.  Simply inquire for more information and our pricing.

What this includes

  • Concept Consulting
  • Color Consulting
  • Interior Styling
  • Floral Design
  • Spatial Design
  • Model Styling
  • Food Styling
  • & More


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Other than services and flowers, what other GOODS are available through Salt Harbor?

Salt Harbor Designs was formed around flowers and design, so we provide all the flowers for our events. We also prefer to provide the day-of paper, but we are open to working with DIY clients or clients who have another print source. We also have a large inventory of décor pieces (lanterns, lighting, furniture, pillows, trunks, vases, chargers, etc.) Contact us for more information.

What additional costs will I have to pay in addition to your service fees?

Our event design and planning fees cover the coordination, design, and implementation of all elements. These fees do not include the cost of goods. For example, our event design fee includes the design of the day-of paper items (menu cards, escort cards, programs, etc), the labor to order and put them together, but it does not include the cost of paper and printing.

What is the average cost for the cost of goods when I book you for event design?

The cost will depend on the types of materials you choose to include in your event. Flowers and paper can differ drastically in price from one option to the next. We have a $2000 minimum for the cost of goods that we provide through Salt Harbor. This can include anything that we provide from flowers to paper items, candles, lanterns, and custom décor items like signage. We try very hard to work with your budget on these, and we send you estimates throughout the planning process so you are aware of costs. We can also send you a general sample estimate upon request.

When I am provided an estimate for goods, am I locked into that estimate?

No. When you contract with Salt Harbor for Event Design or Full Planning, you are locked into that service. You are also required to spend at least $2000 on flowers/ paper/ décor. But all other costs are flexible up until a month before the wedding.